About us

OceanArt started in 2014, as a means for a group of friends to practice our hobby. Back then there were no saltwater aquarium stores in our city or even our province, and having a saltwater aquarium was a very different hobby. The known methods were complicated and you needed to have a fair knowledge of water chemistry, which was also the goal that we set for ourselves. How do we make this hobby much more available without the need to learn so much about the water chemistry. We needed to find a way, a product that could make the hobby so easy and simple that every one could do it.


After a long time of testing and development we came with a product in 2016, meant and perfected for the freshwater hobby but also suitable for the saltwater hobby. In November 2019 we finished our current ReefElixer, which is the culmination of all the research, trial and error, gathered knowledge from 2015 till now, It is a product that makes a aquarium run smoother, outcompetes unwanted bacteria, feeds corals, adds every beneficial trace element, adds our own carefully selected bacteria to remove waste products, and a product that doesn’t require other products and can function on and by itself.


Because of the success of ReefElixer, in 2020, we officially launched our ReefElixer and ReefFuel in The Netherlands and Belgium market. The continued positive and outstanding user reviews has encouraged us to dedicate ourselves to developing more aquaculture related products. With a good start, our story of OceanArt Reef Series is to be continued. Now we are working hard on our freshwater products, it will come onto the market very soon.