Reef Elixir All in one

-All elements you need are maintained, this is linked to your kh consumption. (Kh, CA, Mg, Sr, b, br, ba, k, s, Li, Mo, Mn, zn, I, V , F, Fe and more)


-The KH and Calcium are from a special formula that requires bacteria to process it. This releases these elements over a period of time(roughly 30 mins.)


-bacteria and nutrition to reduce nitrate and phosphate.


-Honey, also acts as a carbon source and can prevent red slime/ cyano outbreaks(though limited.)


-probiotics, various nutrients, coenzymes, absorption substances to realize a healthy bacterial culture in the aquarium


-plants extracts, vitamins, amino acids as well as many bacteria and micro-organisms to feed the corals. These will grow more beautiful, healthier and much faster than before. The reason behind this is that they are fed with each dose. Corals do not have a stomach, they cannot store amino acids for example. If they want it, it must be available at that moment. By dosing reef elixir several times a day, they have access to these nutrients throughout the day. The parameters are more stable because the swings are less, ph is also very stable and they get fed very often.


-Everything is designed for use in a sea aquarium. Bacteria that will thrive in an aquarium environment, nutrients to feed them, also the amino acids are different from other products, these are suitable for a sea aquarium. We added things that really benefit a saltwater aquarium and their inhabitants. 


-A all in 1 bottle! This makes reefing very easy. A combination of more than 10 different products in 1 bottle. There are other all in one products, but they are not as complete as Reef Elixir. Reef Elixir is really all in one and there is no need to add other products. We and a number of hobbyists have now tested this product for a long time with very positive results.


-No waterchanges!The aquarium in our lab runs without a skimmer, sump or any other type of mechanical filter. And no waterchanges for over 6 months.

This is possible because everything in Reef elixer is biological, so no buildup of iron, lanthanum, heavy metals. Because we simply don't use them.


One of the biggest problems of a reef tank is that its too difficult to be maintained by someone with no knowledge of how to keep a saltwater aquarium. But with Reef Elixer it has been extremely simplified. This way, you can go on a vacation without any fear.


Reef Elixir can be used as a standalone product. But it is also suitable to dose in addition to an existing method, lime reactor, lime washer stirrer, etc. So that the risk is limited if people like to try it out. Just use it next to your current method and slowly build it down and build it up.

Reef Elixir

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