A starting aquarium:


Dose the recommended amount of Reef Fuel, 1 ml per 100 liters. Also add food to the aquarium, small amounts of dry food or frozen. The system is still practically sterile and must be given the right bacteria to convert, break down and remove waste. Reef Fuel has a very strong mix of carbon source and carefully selected bacteria with unique properties. Good values for no3 and po4 is no3 = 2-10 and po4 is 0.02-0.10. When this has been achieved you can go all out with corals! Reducing the no3 and po4 to 0 isn't recommended! Add no3 and po4 asap or start feeding more.


An aquarium that isn't using any method:


Reef elixir can be dosed slowly, start low, 1ml per 100 liters for example and build it up, as long as the kh, ca and mg does not increase too much and remains stable. If these values drop, add more. Keep an eye on ca, kh and mg. Dose sodium bicarbonate to increase kh, calcium chloride for CA and magnesium chloride for MG. Other trace elements do not need to be tracked. These are dosed and due to the large amount of nutrients, corals will not suffer from slightly lower values.


An aquarium already running on a different method:


There are 2 ways to do this.


The first way, and for this you actually have to test kh and ca daily, is to switch in one go. Most people do this because its faster. The first 3 weeks you will have to adjust kh or ca and add it manually. If the kh is good and the ca low and mg is good, then you add ca. If the kh is low and the ca and mg is good, then you add kh. If the mg is too low you have to supplement it but if it is too high you can ignore it, Reef Elixir contains relatively little mg because a mature aquarium does not consume much mg.


The second way is to switch gradually. Reduce your current dose by a quarter every week. This is a flexible method, but the first week you will also have to test a lot because you have to figure out how much ml of Reef Elixer actually equals a quarter of your current method. In addition, you will still see CA and kh fluctuate a bit because that process has yet to start. As mentioned, this takes about 3 weeks.


An aquarium that is not running properly:


Make sure you know your values. KH, MG, CA are the most important and should be brought to KH = 8-9 (between 7 and 12 is acceptable but not ideal), CA = 400-450 and MG is 1200-1350. You don't have to worry too much about other elements. No3 and Po4 must be: no3 = 2-10, Po4 = 0.02-0.1.


This is fine with Reef Fuel, start with 1 ml per 100 liters.


If the po4 is 0 and the nitrate is too high, add po4. If the no3 is 0 and the po4 is too high, then you add no3.


Start with a minimum dosage of Reef Elixer, 1 ml per 100 liters. This creates a good environment for the microorganisms that are also in Reef Elixir and will help the aquarium run better.


Perfect values are not as important as the correct bacteria and microorganisms and stability. Good and stable values within a certain range, good biodiversity, controlling and preventing unwanted organisms, supplementing corals and fish with the right nutrients will strengthen the immune system. We have all these nutrients in Reef Elixer.