Reef Elixir All in one

This product is an innovative product that is the result of over 5 years of research by our team. It is going to change the saltwater aquarium hobby. By minimizing the effort, human error and require knowledge to keep a saltwater aquarium, it succeeds in taking away the barrier that keeps people from having a saltwater aquarium. The market for potential saltwater aquarists becomes much bigger when this obstacle is overcome.


Our product is a all in one solution for a saltwater aquarium. No other products are needed to successfully keep even the most demanding small polyp stony corals.


This product contains all the trace elements required by the organisms in a successful coral aquarium and all trace elements. This consumption can calculated by keeping track of the dkh. The following trace elements are added: Kh, CA, Mg, Sr, b, br, ba, k, s, Li, Mo, Mn, zn, I, V, F, Fe, and more. KH and calcium are added by a special mix of ingredients and need to be processed by bacteria . This will release these elements gradually in the system, 30 minutes to an hour.


Another important element in our product lies in carefully selected strains of that accomplish certain results in our aquariums. They are more adapted to the pH, ec value and temperature of our aquariums, so there will be less bacterial slime in the aquarium. They also denitrify in a aerobe environment as opposed to anaerobe. This makes it easier for them to multiply in our aquariums, outcompeting other unwanted bacteria and can cultivate a healthy bacterial culture in the aquarium. Another added bonus is when they die off, they tend to clump together, creating one of the best sources of food for corals and fish. And It reduces detritus suspended in the water column, making the water much more clear and the aquarium has a cleaner look. There are particles of varying sizes suitable to feed a wide range of living creatures. From plankton to corals to demanding fish, they will have food available to them 24 hours a day. By using these bacteria, red cyano has less chance of getting the upper hand in a aquarium. It also simplifies the necessary filtration media. 


The focus of our product is probiotics, various nutrients, coenzymes, amino acids and vitamins. All ingredients in ReefElixer are occur naturally in the ocean and in comparable amounts, so heavy metals such as iron, lanthanum, and copper will not accumulate (the accumulation of such substances can kill invertebrates and produce good iron bacteria. The metabolites can kill fish and corals). It also contains plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids and many microorganisms to feed corals. They will be more beautiful, healthier and grow faster than before. The reason behind this is there will be more available and diverse nutritions in our aquarium. For example, corals cannot store amino acids, it has to be available when needed. In nature corals are fed all the time through plankton, bacteria, floating particles. Through the ecosystem established by ReefElixer, we try to replicate the composition of natural seawater so we can recreate a environment as close to the real thing as possible. The overall health of the fish, corals and invertebrates in ReefElixer Aquariums are much better then systems without these supplements. Because of the ease of our product, these results are achieved by minimal efforts, previously only possible for very experienced aquarists. Stronger and healthier corals are less susceptible to common diseases of SPS corals such as STN and RTN. The fish are also much more resilient, they also benefit greatly from these nutrients and become very hardy and healthy.


The original intention of the research and development of this product is to fully serve the cultivation of marine aquariums, not chemical synthesis. To reset and improve a ecosystem in the aquarium that lacks the efficiency of a aquarium that has achieved a balance in bacteria and runs well. The goal is to replicate the self-purification ability and ecological diversity to make the hobby as easy as possible.


The 1200-liter aquarium in our laboratory does not have a skimmer, water changes, complex hardware. It has been successfully running for 18 months. Corals, fishes and invertebrates all grow happily in a natural ecological water body. Many professional and amateur marine aquaculture enthusiasts have also conducted long-term evaluation of our products, and have achieved very exciting results. It has been quite common that many of these aquarists do not require certain devices to reduce no3 and po4 and some have been running without a skimmer for more then 6 months, some even years.


Reef Elixir can be used independently but it can also be used in combination with calcium reactor, protein Skimmer, refugium, algae reactor, biopellets, activated carbon, zeolite reactors, other methods of adding trace elements such as but not limited to; ati essentails, triton method, DSR method, Balling of any variation. It is NOT compatible with calcium hydroxide or kalkwasser.

Reef Elixir

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Reef Fuel

ReefFuel is an extremely powerful blend of organic ingredients. It contains one of the highest energy densities known in nature. An organic blend of hydrolyzed vegetable oils, alcohols, saccharides, fatty acids, triglycerides.


New and unique as an additive is adenosine, one of the most important energetic molecules. It is part of ATP, ADP and many co-enzymes. Essential for biochemical processes.


Unprecedented power and developed with our latest knowledge and technology. It is amazing what is possible with fully natural ingredients.


Supported with micro-organisms, ReefFuel is our answer to reduce phosphates and nitrates. ReefFuel is currently the most concentrated AND fully organic product.

Divided into 2 groups, selected for their rapid adaptability (LOG phase) and their rapid growth (LAG Phase)


Nitrate -> Nitrogen gas

Nitrate -> Protein

Protein -> Cell walls

Ammonia -> Nitrate


These bacteria have been selected to quickly form a group that uses the nitrate to build proteins and build their cell walls. This NOX group is able to use various nitrogen compounds. If their environment allows it, they can convert NO3 into N (nitrogen gas) very well. Then you have completely lost it from the aquarium. They can do this in an environment where there is enough flow, but not enough oxygen. E.g. a coarse soil of at least 2 cm. Or filter material that can store different environments oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor (not anaerobic). You can see it in the nitrogen bubbles that form and rise.



Phosphate -> ATP

Phosphate -> Cell reserve

Phosphate -> Phospholipids

Phosphate -> Polyphosphates

A group of Micro-organisms that we have selected to store and retain excess phosphate. It is used in their cell metabolism. This bacterium can store reserves for several months and thus form a balance that normally only occurs in nature.

Both groups do not form toxins during life or death and are a welcome addition to nutrition for corals.

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