ReefElixer & ReefFuel reefkeeping system

Our Mission

Innovating the traditional way of marine aquaculture, making marine aquaculture easier and more effective, more scientific, more environmentally friendly, and more fun is the original intention of OceanArt to develop the Reef series. Marine aquaculture experts and biochemical science geniuses formed us. After five years of continuous experimentation, we finally realised all our expectations for the product.

We can proudly say that OceanArt Reef series will bring marine aquaculture into a new era. Marine aquarium enthusiasts can use the time saved to better appreciate their aquarium works, and more aquaculture enthusiasts will also join the fantasy journey of marine aquaculture.

Ocean Art Features

Reduce difficulty

By using the OceanArt Reef series of products, the difficulty of marine aquaculture can be greatly reduced. You only need to set the allocation amount by controlling a single variable of KH value, which reduces the probability of error and the complexity of the maintenance system. Without the substitution of professional knowledge , Entry-level aquarium enthusiasts can easily master it and successfully establish their favorite coral reef ecosystem

Simple to use

As the main method of maintenance of the main system, ReefElixer contains the basic elements and trace elements required by the coral reef ecosystem in a bottle. At the same time, it uses biochemical technology to effectively improve the self-purification ability of the water body while controlling the growth of algae and harmful bacteria. To promote the biological maturity of coral reef systems. Corals can grow healthily and quickly while showing unprecedented colourfulness. Fish will benefit from a clean and healthy water body and at the same time improve their own immunity.

Scientific based husbandry

The traditional coral reef maintenance system relies heavily on chemical addition in principle, and achieves perfect parameters by manually adjusting the distribution dose. The marine ecology has no human influence but can maintain the parameters in a balanced state. The mystery comes from the magical biochemical reaction. Those unknown microorganisms and bacteria play an important role in it. Through long-term research and experiments, we have successfully replicated the beneficial bacteria and reasonable trace elements in the natural coral reef waters to our OceanArt Reef series. Effectively control or solve common STN and RTN phenomena, corals show unprecedented colourfulness, and common problems such as white spots have also been effectively controlled. All these benefit from the inspiration of marine ecology.

Environmentally friendly

By using the reef series, we can abandon the traditional maintenance hardware equipment and reduce our maintenance costs. Some commonly used filtering equipment can be replaced, saving replacement electricity costs. The number of water changes and the amount of water change can also be very effectively controlled. The raw materials used in the reef series are pure natural sources, not chemical synthesis, and are beneficial and harmless to natural water bodies.

Enjoy more

Traditional coral reef maintenance systems often involve complex maintenance procedures and requirements for hardware equipment. Causes numerous problems and is difficult to effectively control. As a result, many hobbyist finally quit, which is also the problem that the OceanArt Reef series most hope to solve. We hope to see users of our products spend the saved maintenance time on appreciating their own works, and we hope to see that the innovations brought by our products to traditional farming can allow more fans to join us. Because the OceanArt team is the beneficiary of marine aquaculture, we hope that this happiness and satisfaction will affect more people who love the ocean and nature.