ReefElixer & ReefFuel reefkeeping system

Our Mission

Changing and simplifying the reefkeeping hobby. Our team consists of microbiology experts, biochemical engineers, marine biologists, market experts, enthousiastic hobbyists and just a lot of people with too many aquariums. After five years of continuous experimentation, we finally realised all our expectations for the product.


We can proudly say that our Ocean Art product line will change the game and revolutionize reefkeeping. Aquarium enthusiasts can use the time saved to appreciate their aquarium works.


By using the Ocean Art products, the difficulty of marine aquaculture is greatly reduced. You only need to control the KH value, which reduces the probability for human error, all the trace elements are based on the KH uptake. Even without a lot of knowledge about the hobby, beginners can easily master and successfully establish a coral reef ecosystem.


ReefElixer contains the ingredients required to maintain the coral reef ecosystem in a single bottle. At the same time, it uses biochemical technology and process to effectively improve the ecosystem of the aquarium, controlling algae and harmful bacteria.  Corals show more color and grow faster. Fish benefit from a clean and healthy aquarium. At the same time the overall health of all living animals in the aquarium is improved.


The traditional aquarium maintenance methods rely heavily on chemical additives and achieving the perfect parameter adjusting the dosage. In nature, things work differently. The secret lies in biochemical processes done by bacteria and micro organisms. Through long-term research and experiments, we have successfully replicated this process in nature, sought out the best beneficial bacteria, amino acids, vitamins and other food sources. When we try to find a solution for a problem, we look at how nature does solves it, and try to look for biological and organic substances that might offer this solution.


Environmentally friendly

By using the Ocean Art additives, we can remove a lot of equipment and save on our electrical bill. When the nutrients, no3 and po4 are at a good level it makes perfect sense to reduce your hardware, a refugium, algaereactor, biopelletreactor, zeovit reactor, (sulfur)nitrate reactor, fleecefilter, powerfilter and even the protein skimmer. The number of water changes and the amount of water change can be lowered or even entirely skipped. The materials used in our Ocean Art additives are natural no synthetic, dangerous chemicals are used.